License Infromation is not saved after I close and open Visual Studio

If License Information is not saved between the instances of Visual Studio (e.g. ReSharper is asking for a License on every Visual Studio launch), please do the following:

  1. Close all Visual Studio instances;
  2. Uninstall ReSharper via Installer (For R# 8.x: via 'Control Panel | Add/Remove programs');
  3. Remove the existed license information as described here;
  4. Install ReSharper back;
  5. Open single Visual Studio instance;
  6. Enter your license information for ReSharper, when prompted. Press 'OK' button;
  7. Gently close Visual Studio;
  8. Open Visual Studio once again and check if the license information was saved;
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Maybe I had not closed Visual Studio "Gently" enough but this answer is not working for me...


In my case when I start Rider, Resharper license infomation is gone. 

* Resharper Ultimate 2019.1.1

* Rider 2019.1.1

* Visual Studio 2013

* Use offline activation code.


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