ReSharper 8.x does not work in Visual Studio 2010 after installation

After successful ReSharper 8.x installation:

  • all ReSharper menu items in VS top menu are disabled;
  • there is no Error Stripe near vertical scroll bar;
  • No IntelliSense;
  • there are no ReSharper highlightings/quickfixes/context actions in Text Editor;
  • ReSharper items are missing in contextual menu;
  • When you try to clear ReSharper caches, it says "Clear Cache is applicable when solution exists only. Open a solution first.", but the solution is open.


Possible reason:

It might be related to older version of Nuget Package Manager installed to Visual Studio 2010. 


Open Tools | Extension Manager | Updates | Check updates for Nuget Package Manager | Install the latest one 

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