Applying ReSharper Keyboard Scheme takes too long and/or freeze

If applying ReSharper Keyboard shortcuts takes too much time (like, more than 1-2 minutes) or even appear to freeze whole Visual Studio, it usually means that you have your Windows User Profile stored in the network (also as known as 'Windows Roaming Profile').

In this case, it usually take some time to apply keyboard shortcuts for ReSharper (it might take even a few hours!). This is happening because of Windows and Network limitations for transferring the data to the User Folder, where VS and ReSharper Keyboard Shortcuts are stored.

We recommend to run the 'Apply Keyboard Shortcuts' action during the nighttime, leaving the PC/Visual Studio/ReSharper turned on to perform this operation.

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Is it possible for R# to store settings in another/custom folder? I bet there is a huge number (if not the majority) of developers that have roaming profiles in the corporate networks, and even though it could be a problem on Windows side, having such an option would not only make applying scheme faster but also increase the startup time of VS (when using R#) much faster.


@Tridy, unfortunately it is not possible, since the keyboard shortcuts are managed by Visual Studio itself, not by ReSharper. For now, this case is a bottleneck which cannot be avoided. Though, it should affect users only when they are applying the scheme (which is, normally, only 1st launch). Thanks.


I tried to change the location of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0]\VisualStudioLocation to a local folder an moving the settings file there. However this did not help at all. VS was still hanging for a long time while applying keyboard shortcuts.

I could not figure out what was helping but running VS in safe mode, closing and then opening normally and applying shortcuts reduced the applying time, or it could be that I was killing VS process before that.


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