Visual Studio with ReSharper is slow

We do our best in terms of ReSharper performance, however there are some known and unknown cases where ReSharper can slow down Visual Studio.

Below is a check list that will help you troubleshoot, work around or fix the performance issues with ReSharper.

  1. First of all, make sure that the slowdown is caused by ReSharper, as opposed to a different part of your development environment. To do that, simply suspend ReSharper as described here and check if performance issues are still present. If performance improves noticeably when ReSharper is disabled, proceed to the following steps.
  2. Make sure that ReSharper system requirements are met. Please check your environment against the current system requirements. In addition, using more RAM and a Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of HDD is known to help a lot in improving Visual Studio performance with ReSharper.
  3. Review Visual Studio and ReSharper configuration. For a long list of Visual Studio and ReSharper settings that can be modified in order to improve performance, see Speeding Up ReSharper (and Visual Studio). For a maximum impact with minimum configuration changes, try the following short list:
    • Make sure that ReSharper's Solution-Wide Analysis (SWA) is turned off ("ReSharper | Options | Code Inspection | Settings | Enable solution-wide analysis" should be off).
    • If you're using Git command line or an external Git client, or if you're using a VCS other than Git, or you're working on a solution that's not under version control, please turn off Visual Studio's Git integration ("Tools | Options | Source Control | Current source control plug-in", set to "None", then restart Visual Studio)
    • Review Visual Studio settings listed under "Configuring Visual Studio preferences" in Speeding Up ReSharper (and Visual Studio)
  4. Take a Visual Studio performance snapshot and send it to JetBrains. If completing the steps outlined above didn't help improve performance, please capture a performance snapshot with ReSharper's bundled profiler, and provide it to JetBrains. We will be able to investigate the performance issue and provide specific recommendations for you. To do this, please follow steps described in How to collect a performance snapshot.

I have seen resharper slowness due to McAfee wanting to scan the 1,000 temporary code files Visual Studio creates. 


As much as I like having ReSharper in my Visual Studio 2017 (and earlier) the performance issues are simply a no go. A startup difference of over 15 seconds between ReSharper turned on and off is just a minor annoyance but constant IDE freezes and noticeable latency in response is something that simply kills productivity.


It’s only start up to index files so only once a day isn’t bad.


I have used ReSharper for years and lately I find myself wondering if I shouldn't just figure out how to do certain refactoring through VS itself or find an alternate plugin. We are paying big bucks for this garbage to bring top tier pcs to their knees with bad / zero optimization. I have gone through all the "exclude these things" tutorials and performance checks. ReSharper just can't keep up. This is a rather slim core web app, nothing crazy at all. What is your team _actually_ doing to fix this?


If I created an app that was this slow, I would be fired.  Developers have been fussing about how slow ReSharper is for years.  While it gives a lot of extra functionality, does it really need to come at such a performance penalty?  I pasted code into a unit test to get the message above.  After about 20 seconds I got a message alerting me ReSharper was auto formatting the incoming text.  Visual Studio can do this instantly.  While I like what ReSharper gives me, I can't stand how slow it makes my dev machine.  For those holding your breath the new version will bring performance improvements, I'd say it's even worse.


But try to look at the bright side. If you work with the max available hardware at the moment, and a solution that does not exceed 1k lines of code, it would work GREAT

- the snake in me has spoken


As I said in previous comments,  the original team who created ReSharper is long gone.  They are on a beach somewhere and left it up to the B Team to maintain and collect money.   

They will reply to this comment stating there commitment and home many improvements, but in the end.  The software is SLOW!  

Also,  please do not reply with post us the solution BS.  It's insulting!  Just open any solution!  ANY!



I use resharper nearly 7 years, but the current 2018 version is so buggy, so that I uninstall it now.

My Windows 10 with vs 2018 just freezed and freezed and crashed!


I like JetBrains and I paid for R# for a long time. But it seems it's time to disable this plugin, to learn VS native refactoring tools and keep in mind this thread. I figured out that the big disappointment is lack of alternative for R# C++ code refactoring at first. While VS2019 will bring a bit of refactoring tools for C# there are nothing special for C++. 


I used VS2019 in C++ only sln with 1350 lines of code for 2 weeks without any plugins and it still hangs during typing process. There are lot of topics of VS2019 performance. So I am considering to take my words about R# back. 

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I did the trial, but it got so slow with mobile apps and core. The intellisense  stopped working altogether. I usually have 5+ VS 2017 up at once. Can’t even do 2. I’m used to not having resharper now, until they do a complete overhaul this add on is crap.

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Go to and generate a project. Try doing anything in that project with resharper enabled. Its constantly processing file and freezing visual studios


This has been going on with Resharper for years. I uninstalled it a long time ago but recently wanted to use it again. On VS 2017 opening a new project takes forever. Building is definitely a lot slower along with everything else. For the amount of money that's going into this plugin, I'm just dumbfounded by the lack of improvements. It's a great product but performance fixes should be a top priority.

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I hate to say it but I'm trying harder and harder to wean myself off of ReSharper, as are others in my team. Right now I'm experiencing significant input lag just typing comments. After suspending it and trying again, sure enough everything is fine.

I'm using R# 2018.3.4 with VS2017 15.9.9 if it makes any difference.

I'll reiterate: ReSharper makes typing comments slow. How do you even do that?

This is on a 4-core Xeon E3-1505M @ 3GHz w/ 32GB RAM. There's really no excuse for this kind of abysmal performance and telling your users to disable everything that makes R# useful just isn't a legitimate solution.


Running on a new I7 32Gb and M2 SSD. The performance of resharper stinks. This is not good enough. It's expensive and doesn't even make a good paper weight.

I've had to switch it off to do development as it was causing me to wait 5 seconds every keystroke. What a waste of money!


I'm finding terrible performance with Resharper and Visual Studio - With Resharper turned on devenv jumps up to around 2.4 GB memory usage and becomes exceptionally sluggish, prone to not responding and overall a pain to use.

With Resharper suspended, Visual studio runs really well.  I've started finding that to work more efficiently I turn off Resharper.


I’m surprised anyone uses reshaper anymore...


I can't take it anymore. I've tried all the suggestions, solution wide analysis is off, etc. Resharper slows VS down to the point I can't type, restarting it fixes it for a short while, but it soon becomes unusable. 

My issues:

  1. Slow typing, or unable to type at all (unacceptable)
  2. Intellisense slowly gets slow, until it stops working completely.  The status bar just shows the message "cannot resolve symbol", or "identifier or xml expression expected"
  3. Memory usage. At launch, starts off at like, 500mb, and starts climbing, by the time it reaches 1.2gb, VS is completely unusable.
  4. If you are editing html/css/javascript, if you add a variable, function etc or paste some code, there is considerable jitter and the page freezes for a few seconds.
  5. Startup. Resharper takes maybe, 2 minutes "Processing Files". 


I've cleared caches etc. I will not renew my sub after this. I'm done.

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Our whole .NET team experiences the same issues outlined by John K. 

Resharper is a reasonably pricey subscription which would be fine if it increased the development productivity, however now almost all of the team had to permanently turn off Resharper to improve performance (they refuse to turn it back on now as it just slows down the machines too much and is too frustrating).  And this is on machines running the highest i7 Processors, 16-32 GB RAM, 2-3 SSDs in the Dell Precision range of workstations.

The answers of turning off VS Features like Auto Recovery just don't seem like a good idea.

Other answers of disabling resharper also seem pretty rubbishy - however cancelling the subscription going forward will now both save money and improve the team's performance.


John K + Courtney, do you experience the same thing with VS2019? I have been working for a few years with VS2017 and R#, it has been a pain, it's still quite slow but I feel the performance improvements. However, I continue to think they must go further, it has a huge impact on VS responsiveness.

Currently I'm working through a remote desktop on a laptop that runs a VMWare Player with a VM where I have VS2017 + R#. So I have a double bottleneck with the VM + R#, ouch ! It's painful.

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@KD, I have not tried VS2019 in a while, I have an old preview, and the resharper I had installed at the time was in beta, and was super-buggy. I guess I can update VS2019 and try again. I'll post if I notice an improvement.


I've been using VS2019 with R# starting with the 2019.1 EAPs (and currently using 2019.1.1) and while I will say it's an improvement, that's a lot like saying stubbing my toe is better than getting kicked in the shin.

For example, VS doesn't warn about R# causing unresponsiveness at startup but that's because R# now supports the async loading APIs. R# itself still takes ages to load and become available after loading a project in VS.

And the typing unresponsiveness is definitely still there.

Hopefully MS's new refactoring features and efforts with IntelliCode will eventually make R# obsolete.


I recently upgraded -- sorry, "upgraded" -- to ReSharper 2019.1.1, and I have noticed a marked difference in performance. The typing speed in VS 2017 v15.9.11 is atrociously slow now. I mean, **REALLY** slow. It seems to be at its worst when typing the following:

// TODO [JP] ...

It's noticably slower typing the first two slashes -- compared to the previous version -- but then, once the "TODO" and opening square bracket have been typed... it's as slow as... A REALLY SLOW thing. I can't think of a comparison!

How do you make typing comments so slow?!

I'm going to "roll back" to the version I had before installing 2019.1.1, if I can. I hope that is possible, because as it currently stands, this is just unacceptable.


Sigh. After many years I'm left with no choice but to remove R#. I had hoped 2019.1.1 with VS 2019 would bring some improvements, but it's no better. I can't add anything to what others have already said, the delays are numerous and simply not acceptable. I do wonder whether the R# developers use R# themselves, and if they do, and are presumably happy with their own experiences, perhaps they'd like to post the specs of their PCs so we can all see what is needed to make R# real world usable. Of all the people you'd expect to understand the significance of not having ANY delays in your IDE, you'd think it'd be fellow developers.


@mark leavesley, yes man. I've bought it again and I've disabled this stuff too. I had hoped 2019.1.1 would bring some improvements too, but it's no better. Sadly. 


After a year of using I finnaly stopped it. Just impossible to work, especially on big solutions. Lags and freezes everywhere - even when typing comments.


Looks like they have been losing a lot of customers recently... But there are things that are difficult to understand, like editing a comment suddenly triggers a big freeze. I'm wondering whether they are trying with some large projects, just pick a big one at Github and try your own product instead of asking for repro cases or performance dumps....


I'm sure JetBrains would like us to all switch over to their Rider IDE which more or less has R# built into it but with their lack of commitment to keeping R# performant on its primary platform, there's absolutely no chance of that happening.

It looks like the sad reality is JetBrains is a Java / Kotlin shop now and the .NET products just aren't getting the attention they need.


@Melvin: right ! I forgot about their IDE which I tried once and uninstalled after 1 hour. There's no way a company like mine switches to another IDE than VS for .NET based projects, moreover most of our customers want to be able to compile and look at the solution as well. They already have VS, they won't install Rider for that purpose.


This thread goes back for years end with no end is in sight. Why have features that I have to disable to use the product?

I am currently in hour 3 of trying to fix Resharper after the latest update. 

For the last couple of years, I have had to disable/enable restart and experiment with various settings all just to get something I have paid for years just to work.

The changes on one computer do not always fix the same issue on another.

I have purchased dozens of licenses for my teams since Resharper came out, but I am not putting my neck out in the future until I see significant improvement. I cannot fiddle with each team members computer individually.

When you switched everyone to the subscription model you said it was so you could keep investing in Resharper

Resharper is a PRODUCTIVITY tool and when it starts being more trouble than it is worth, well there are other tools in the market.

With the latest update, I get various freezes and crashes and I have to uninstall it.

I resent that I have to pay to be your beta tester.

I hope I do not see "Rusty" a new IDE for Rust, before you fix Resharper. (This is sarcasm)

You owe your loyal community a product that works reliably.

Rant over.







People, people!

They're selling us a load of garbage. Really. When last I used ReSharper and it was worth it, was at around version 6-7. 

It works fine for a 10k line of code solution, but that's it.


You'll find the latest Visual Studio has a LOT of stuff that ReSharper had. Go stock and you won't go broke :)




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