Visual Studio with ReSharper is slow

We do our best in terms of ReSharper performance, however there are some known and unknown cases where ReSharper can slow down Visual Studio.

Below is a check list that will help you troubleshoot, work around or fix the performance issues with ReSharper.

  1. First of all, make sure that the slowdown is caused by ReSharper, as opposed to a different part of your development environment. To do that, simply suspend ReSharper as described here and check if performance issues are still present. If performance improves noticeably when ReSharper is disabled, proceed to the following steps.
  2. Make sure that ReSharper system requirements are met. Please check your environment against the current system requirements. In addition, using more RAM and a Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of HDD is known to help a lot in improving Visual Studio performance with ReSharper.
  3. Review Visual Studio and ReSharper configuration. For a long list of Visual Studio and ReSharper settings that can be modified in order to improve performance, see Speeding Up ReSharper (and Visual Studio). For a maximum impact with minimum configuration changes, try the following short list:
    • Make sure that ReSharper's Solution-Wide Analysis (SWA) is turned off ("ReSharper | Options | Code Inspection | Settings | Enable solution-wide analysis" should be off).
    • If you're using Git command line or an external Git client, or if you're using a VCS other than Git, or you're working on a solution that's not under version control, please turn off Visual Studio's Git integration ("Tools | Options | Source Control | Current source control plug-in", set to "None", then restart Visual Studio)
    • Review Visual Studio settings listed under "Configuring Visual Studio preferences" in Speeding Up ReSharper (and Visual Studio)
  4. Take a Visual Studio performance snapshot and send it to JetBrains. If completing the steps outlined above didn't help improve performance, please capture a performance snapshot with ReSharper's bundled profiler, and provide it to JetBrains. We will be able to investigate the performance issue and provide specific recommendations for you. To do this, please follow steps described in How to collect a performance snapshot.

I too have to complain that ReSharper is painfully slow. I'm using Visual Studio 2017 v15.6 and ReSharper 2017.3.3 and the performance is simply terrible. Startup time is more than 20 seconds compared to about 4 seconds with ReSharper disabled. I applied all the performance suggestions and the difference is negligible, if any. There are hangs every now and then, typing suggestions come up slowly etc.

My computer is no potato, it's a 4 core machine with 16 GB of RAM and a fast SSD.

BTW ReSharper performance has always been an issue for me over the past few years, no matter what computer I used. I always ended up disabling it due to terrible performance. I wish we would see some major improvement (or any improvement for that matter). ReSharper is an awesome tool, the only thing that's bringing it down is performance.


@Jan Kalfus, 100% agreed. And they really have to take this problem seriously because it has always been an issue. I am not sure they grasp the extent of this problem and how things are turning sour into the professional world that are using their tool. I hear more and more partners that are not happy using it and are seriously reconsidering renewing their licenses.

I personally don't care about the latest fancy features if I have to disable this plugin each time I open more than 5 documents....

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This is interesting.  I my primary workload is a solution with thirty one projects and over three thousand files (I did not write it initially, but inherited the support later).  I deal with the occasional bout of sluggishness, but overall the performance has been pretty good since I followed most of the recommendations from the performance tool.  I wonder what the delta is that is causing the performance differences.

My biggest issue is at start up, but I kind of expect that with a tool that does what this one does.  I also decided I could live with it considering the functionality I get from the tool.

One suggestion I would make would be to start disabling parts of it through the settings until you find the culprits.  This would allow you to 1) inform JetBrains what the issue is and 2) decide if it is still a viable product for you without that functionality   If you let them know about the the module causing the problem, they might be able to work with you directly to get it fixed.

It is not a perfect tool by any means, but it is a huge boost to my productivity.


ReSharper always kind of slowed down VS 2017 on my machine, but an update that came through last week for ReSharper Ultimate has completely killed VS. I am running on a machine with 32 GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and an i7.. My machine has never had issues before. I've always had System Wide Analysis disabled and I've tried all the other steps you guys mention and nothing is really helping... Any chance any one else has seen this slowdown with the latest RS Ultimate and VS 2017?


@Email, so far the latest version is acceptable. It's not astonishing in terms of performance but I can work with it.


@KD - Thanks for the quick reply. I never have had issues until this update :(. Are you running the latest version of VS 2017? For what it's worth, I am on Visual Studio Professional 2017, Version 15.6.6.


Thanks again for the reply!


@Email, 15.6.6, running a C# project with about 20 .csproj. RS 2018.1. But I still think they must focus on performance.


I also have concerns with the degraded usability of Visual Studio 2017 with ReSharper running.
My machine is of decent quality and worked just fine prior to installing ReSharper.
I have followed the performance tweaks and havent gained any insignificant performance improvement.
I was going to purchase this product and now have serious reservations about doing so.


Well after a few days of work with the newest version, I have to admit it's a bit better but I'm still upset by the lack of consideration of the JB team regarding these issues. Nearly everybody is complaing about it. Just pick a solution and open, say 10 .cs files, and it doesn't take long before getting sluggish provided you work with these files. Just had the issue right now where I had to restart VS again, I had been refactoring through a dozen files that were kept opened. The IDE simply did not response anymore as soon as I was trying to type text.

Why is nobody from their team answering here?

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@KD I was also experiencing severe sluggishness after upgrading to the latest ReSharper version 2018.1 on VS Community 15.7.1.

I started playing around with various options and doing the following seemed to provide some relief:

* Toolbar => ReSharper => Options => Code Inspection => Settings => Uncheck "Enable code analysis"

* Toolbar => ReSharper => Options => Environment => General => Click "Clear caches"

* Restart VS

* Toolbar => ReSharper => Options => Code Inspection => Settings => Check "Enable code analysis"

Of course I can't guarantee that it'll work for you, but perhaps it's worth a try.


I've been using Resharper since October and it's been fine until I've updated Visual Studio to 15.7.1 few days ago and also updated Resharper to the newest version. It gets so slow, I have to restart my PC couple times a day, it completely hangs up the system. Even clicking on the "ReSharper" menu takes forever. Everything is ok when I disable the plugin. 


They don't care since JetBrains never made a statement regarding the massive slowdown in the last fours years. You might check out other products like CodeRush which is much faster as it is rebuilt on VS Roslyn API, at a fraction of the price.

JetBrains is too lazy to do what they know they should have done years ago: rewrite ReSharper to use the Roslyn API. ReSharper is untenable.

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My license has actually just expired and I'm not renewing it because of this...  I too cannot understand why performance is so poor....  I was actually seeing some improvement in the last couple of versions but I've just updated Visual Studio to version 15.7.1 and now ReSharper is practically unusable.  Random 2-3 second freezes when typing, very laggy intellisense and even complete deadlocks!


Disable ReSharper and everything's perfect again!  No lag when typing and instant intellisense!

Unfortunately I'm now at a point where ReSharper is costing me more time than it's saving me so I'm ditching until things change.

I'd understand if I was using some ancient hardware but I'm working on a virtual PC with 20 cores assigned,16GB RAM and running on an enterprise SSD!  



I just submitted my profiling files using the link above. Also couldn't upload using the built in tool.  Going to paste the text I had as a description there:

I just got a new Windows 10 machine, 16 GB ram SSD drive, Core I7 6th Generation, so enough power. I had a desktop with the same configuration before and never had this issue.

As soon as the solution loads, and the initial loading process is finished, if I start typing, it gets really slow. I finish typing and I can see the words slowly comming.. it's almost impossible to work.

I tried everything from this page:
even disabled Git on VS which is totally not ideal.. but even with that the problem happens. Uninstalled all other extensions I had on VS as well.

As soon as I disable Resharper, the problem dissapears. I asked other colleagues in the company and none of them had the issue, same laptop. So.. I don't know whether is some configuration or hardware issue. But.. it's suspicious that everything is fine once Resharper is disabled.

I even went to the trouble of recording the problem.. in a simple empty class, the problem occurs. I was typing very fast, but you can see how slow the words appear.

Visual Studio Professional 2017 15.7.2
Resharper Ultimate 2018.1.1


Exactly the same issue here as Jgrassi, updated to 2018.1.1 today and performance is now terrible.

Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 15.7.2
Resharper Ultimate 2018.1.1



Okay so: I just uninstalled everything regarding Resharper Ultimate, and installed the previous build:

JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2018.1 Checked Build 112.0.20180414.70445
ReSharper 2018.1.20180414.71437

And the issue appears to be gone. Also re-enabled all the things I had disabled and still works fine. So the issue appears to be in the latest version 2018.1.1.


Thanks for the tip Jgrassi, I'll give the downgrade a shot, because while disabling ReSharper fixes the problem, it creates a whole lot more! (Re: Lack of features.)


Experiencing extremely poor performance since updating ReSharper Ultimate mid May.  Myself and two other team member have had to disable ReSharper Ultimate, in order to continue work.  I appreciate that there is a startup hit, but i was finding that at some point 30-60 mins, of using Visual Studio - my CPU using would start to creep up (from 1-2% upto 100%).  The initial signs were key presses started to lag,  which makes working frustrating, starting with 2-3 sec delay, then 20-30 seconds.  CPU maxing out. I have checked the setting above, and code wide analysis is off, We use TFS so that is selected in source control.  And this machine is powerful, with 32GB RAM. 

I've always seen the occasional periodic pauses in Visual Studio while typing, but since taking the latest update, I have had to disable this feature now, as it make Visual Stiudio unsable for three team member. The other two team member were new starters, and have both had to turn off ReSharper on a clean install.  Other team member are weary of updating incase they loose the great advantages of using Resharper.  

Let me  know if I can capture anything that would help resolve this issue


@David, please check you are running the latest ReSharper build - 2018.1.2. The previous one (2018.1.1) had slow typing issue In case you still have a performance issue, please follow this guide to collect a perf snapshot Thanks! 


 @Alexander Kurakin  I've installed the latest version and have been working without any performance issues for last three hours. Thanks!



@David, looks cool, thanks for the reply!


Well, thanks Steve Jobs... are you going to tell me I'm holding it wrong, too??


It's a very hard question if its worth it...

But for me who's working with unreal engine then YES, YES ITS WORTH IT.

It predicts litterally everything I want to do compared to intellisense which takes until the very last letter to guess correctly and makes the code way more beautiful. Saves up A TON OF TIME but... It takes litterally 10 - 20 minutes for visual studio to load the entire library compared to without it which takes less than a minute. If there is a way to save the source memory and use a saved cache on ur SSD or HDD instead of searching for the whole library, then I'd call this program perfection, or more like a nessesity for Visual Studio.

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This is the worst i have ever seen resharper. I also have started using just VS extensions and run resharper disabled 90% of the time. Every time i re-enable it  I get constant editor command dialog prompts, and tooltip prompts that lock VS2017 and crash the process. I guess i can just look forward to the day Rosyln makes resharper obsolete. Pretty disappointed..

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I have R# Ultimate (2018.1.3, VS Enterprise 15.7.5) disabled most of the time now, VS takes so long to load a solution (even if repeatedly loading the same solution) and generally slows down everything in VS. The difference with R# on or off is like night and day. VS itself runs like lightning and does increasingly offer some of the more useful suggestions that R# does. I can't see me renewing my subscription without a massive improvement in performance.


It seems like resharper is a legacy project for jetbrains.  No real work being done to improve the things there customers care apart.  



@Bryan what makes you feel that ReSharper is a legacy project? We continuously improve the performance every release and started sharing the current situation concerning performance in our blog: where we are now, why we have what we have, what fixes we’ve made in the latest release cycle, and our plans to make things better. Please check this and that blog posts series. Thanks! 


@Alexander Kurakin

Sure seemed like you guys are not focused on performance.  I thought you had all your best guys working on Rider or something.  Whatever you are doing is not helping any of the 30 solutions we run at our company.  Maybe, you need to try something else. 

Clearly what you have been doing does not work at all.


@Bryan, we are sorry to hear our fixes did not help you at all. Have you sent us any performance snapshots to show us the right direction so we will be able to try something else which might help you? The excellent guide how to do it is here. Thank you in advance!


This whole business of asking for a performance snapshot is a joke. I mean, do you guys (Jetbrains) not use Visual Studio with Resharper? I think you don't. Just open a solution with 20 projects, the curse the whole day trying to write some code...


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