Visual Studio with ReSharper is slow

We do our best in terms of ReSharper performance, however there are some known and unknown cases where ReSharper can slow down Visual Studio.

Below is a check list that will help you troubleshoot, work around or fix the performance issues with ReSharper.

  1. First of all, make sure that the slowdown is caused by ReSharper, as opposed to a different part of your development environment. To do that, simply suspend ReSharper as described here and check if performance issues are still present. If performance improves noticeably when ReSharper is disabled, proceed to the following steps.
  2. Make sure that ReSharper system requirements are met. Please check your environment against the current system requirements. In addition, using more RAM and a Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of HDD is known to help a lot in improving Visual Studio performance with ReSharper.
  3. Review Visual Studio and ReSharper configuration. For a long list of Visual Studio and ReSharper settings that can be modified in order to improve performance, see Speeding Up ReSharper (and Visual Studio). For a maximum impact with minimum configuration changes, try the following short list:
    • Make sure that ReSharper's Solution-Wide Analysis (SWA) is turned off ("ReSharper | Options | Code Inspection | Settings | Enable solution-wide analysis" should be off).
    • If you're using Git command line or an external Git client, or if you're using a VCS other than Git, or you're working on a solution that's not under version control, please turn off Visual Studio's Git integration ("Tools | Options | Source Control | Current source control plug-in", set to "None", then restart Visual Studio)
    • Review Visual Studio settings listed under "Configuring Visual Studio preferences" in Speeding Up ReSharper (and Visual Studio)
  4. Take a Visual Studio performance snapshot and send it to JetBrains. If completing the steps outlined above didn't help improve performance, please capture a performance snapshot with ReSharper's bundled profiler, and provide it to JetBrains. We will be able to investigate the performance issue and provide specific recommendations for you. To do this, please follow steps described in How to collect a performance snapshot.

Why is resharper so slow? I used to use resharper years ago and stopped due to the terrible performance.  I am trying it once again and I do not see any improvement.  I have tried your suggestions above and they do not help.  I just tried to reformat 600 lines of code in a .cshtml file and with resharper running and it took over 90 seconds to run.  I suspended resharper and the same procedure completed in 4 seconds.  If I try to highlight code using the mouse I have to click drag and then wait as much as 5 seconds for the highlighting to complete.  Is this typical of your product even after all these years?  Is there some setting not mentioned above I need to change?  I would like to use your product but rather than in creasing productivity it seems to do nothing but bog everything down. 



Does the DTP file contain any sensitive information about the solution currently loaded in memory (assembly, code, classes, etc.)?


@ Scduberger, no, it does not. You may download dotTrace Performance Profiler ( and view the snapshot there by yourself.


I've tried to use resharper c++ in simple project near 5 files cpp with 20 headers for tests + MSVS 2010 the system works very slow, periodically out of memory exception occured and after that only kill process for VS  in taskmanager solves freezing. system configuration core i7 + 16gb ram. where is the problem ? codeanalys ?


@Denis Yesakov, are you using ReSharper 9 EAP with ReSharper for C++ installed? If so, could you please capture the performance snapshot with standalone dotTrace and email us at with the uploaded snapshot URL (e.g. in dropbox) with a brief description of the issue? Thank you!


Another huge performance killier is having the resharper database/metadata stored on a network drive. If your project is on a network drive (e.g. your company does "mydocuments" redirection to a san) then resharper becomes intolerable to use. 


Hello, after updating from 2015.1.1 to 2015.1.2 resharper became very slow. Downgrading to 2015.1.1 helped get rid of the lags


Hello @Mikhail Nazarov! Could you please provide performance snapshot as described in this help article?


Same thing but worse. 2015.1.2 not only made every thing slow and taking long naps, but hitting cursor keys would randomly make the cursor jump to the drop downs at the top of the editing windows or even change the active source file on you while you are typing! So far so good with 9.1.1 downgrade.


I came to this page looking for a solution to the exact same problem @Ted Frazier was having. I'll try downgrading tonight and see how that goes.


@Mikhail Nazarov, @Ted Frazier and @Michael Warren, please refer to the following issue -
There are some workarounds provided for this problem and also there's link to private build with bugfix. Please comment on the issue if private build helps you or not.
Thank you!


Couldn't get to it right away but after 5 minutes it seems OK. I'll play more tomorrow. Thanks.


resharper is a memory hog

windows 7 x64 32gb min


What going on with Find Usage!!! It is so slow compared to AppCode's find usage... feels like 2 different piece of technogy altogether...

The find usage on AppCode, CLion etc... is almost instantaneous....


@Denis Yesakov - poor performance and OOME crashes with Resharper C++ are caused by poor use of memory and repeated, costly, garbage collections.


Very very very slow with TypeScript in VisualStudio 2015. It takes ages to refactor a ts file when using "Move to" functionality


I agree with Daniel Andrade Groh. Unfortunately, I've forgot what is to work when code appears at once you type it in a keyboard. Almost every time intellisence takes a lot of time for every typed letter. To turn back to get regular state when VS is just text editor first of all I need to disable R# at all.

If you know a way to analyze my solution for some processing bottle necks, please, describe it. I know one: reduce solution to minimal state and step-by-step grow it up by reduced code, but it will be long.


My specific woes are centered purely on Typescript.  I do not have these performance issues, at least nowhere as severe, in any other file type.  It didn't used to be this bad either, until the last few updates.  3 months ago, Typescript worked fine.  


>Very very very slow with TypeScript in VisualStudio 2015. It takes ages to refactor a ts file when using "Move to" functionality

Thanks for your report, we're working on it for ReSharper 2017.1.

>It didn't used to be this bad either, until the last few updates.  3 months ago, Typescript worked fine.

Could you please tell a bit more about this issue? Does it mean that 3-month-ago ReSharper still works fine with the current state of your solution? If yes, could you please take a performance snapshot and send it to us?

We have several performance issues reported, and all of them are caused by increased amount of NPM dependencies in users' solutions.

We're working on rewriting the old logic that handles inter-file dependencies (including NPM) for ReSharper 2017.1, so that it won't be a problem anymore.


This performance issue, specifically with Typescript pretty much ensures I won't use Resharper, even if offered money to do so.  I'm grateful I got to try it out as a student.  Living and learning - accelerated.


This performance issue is already fixed in 2017.1, currently in EAP, but will be released soon:


Thank you, Anton, it's installed and working quite well so far.  Cheers.

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2017.1 EAP makes R# C++ usable. Prior to this release, VS would crash after a few minutes reporting an OutOfMemoryException. I've been using 2017.1 all day and not had a crash yet. Opening our solution still takes ~20 minutes, during which VS is hung. Once VS is open there are still hangs, but these are in seconds where they used to be minutes.


Today i installed 2017.1 for VS 2017 and IntelliSense lags so terrible, i had to disable it.

Don't had this issue with previous version 2016.3 on VS 2015.


@ Matthias Winkler

Please provide a bit more info: which language you experience problems with, and is it possible to take a dotTrace snapshot of that laggy behaviour and send it to us? Any of this will help a lot. Thanks in advance!


Sure, but after the upload of the profiling files finishes after 2-3 minutes (built in feedback tool), i always get following error:

"One or more errors occurred" - Failed to upload some of the attachments.

Other way to upload these files?


Yes, you can use, or you can upload using (it is write-only, you won't see the uploaded file, that's okay). (More information is available here:

Please tell us the filename of uploaded file after the upload finishes.




Jidijos.dmw (222.2 mb) 100% (106.5 mb) 100% (79.9 mb) 100%
Thanks for your help.

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