SSL-Certificate error while connecting to JBA




- Install ReSharper 8.2.3 or ReSharper 9 from this page, the issue is fixed there.


- If for some reason, you are not able to update ReSharper to ReSharper 8.2.3, try this:

1) Run Internet Explorer as administrator;

2) Open;

3)You will get a "Certificate Error" page



4) Click "Continue to this website";

5) Click on "Certificate Error" beside the address bar and select view certificate

6)There will be the install certificate button available, select "Install Certificate";

7) This will launch the Certificate Import Wizard. Make sure to Choose the option "Place all certificates in the following store" and select browse;

8) Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click Ok;

9) Click Finish on Completing the Certificate Import Wizard;

10) Click yes on the security warning to install the certificate;

11) Go back to Certificate window, click "Certification Path" tab, select "JetBrains Enterprise CA" in the tree and click "View Certificate:

12) Apply steps 6-10 to install this certificate in the same way as previous one


13) Try logging in JetBrains Account via ReSharper once again. 



Does not work at Windows 8.1 Pro. The "Install Certificate..."-Button is not available.


Please try the latest ReSharper 8.2.2 - which fixes SSL-certificate issue.


Worked great in Windows 8. Thanks.


Thank you so much! Worked great for me in Windows 7.


This doesn't work for me. No matter what i do, it won't trust the certificate, despite adding it to the stores.


@SPV2008 Did you install ReSharper 8.2.3?


Worked for Windows 8 and VS2012, Thanks!


For me, the picture in step 11 is wrong.  There is no "JetBrains Enterprise CA" cert in the chain.  I've tried this on two Windows 7 machines with no luck.  I am behind a firewall and proxy as well (ZScaler in the mix which complicates things further).

Also, the cert chain at looks different due to ZScaler (see pic 2).  :/  

I'm using the latest build as downloaded from your site:

JetBrains ReSharper Platform 6 Build 6.0.20141219.120158 on 2014-12-19 12:56:02Z


Screenshot 2 (forgot to attach)


Hello Jim, thanks for letting us know. I added your comments to We are investigating it. 


FYI: I can consistently reproduce this at home.

1) While running Visual Studio from my home network, authenticate with my JetBrains account for my license--this works.
2) Connect to my work VPN.
3) R# warns that I no longer have a license and need to evaluate to continue.
4) Attempt to log in again using my JetBrains account: this fails with the error described in this issue.
5) Disconnect from my work VPN.
6) I can now log in with my JetBrains account to enable my R# license.

So now I'm seeing two issues:
1) Even on a brand new machine I cannot authenticate with JetBrains to get my R# license.
2) While connected to my work VPN, R# thinks I am not authenticated and don't have a license, despite logging in just moments before the message appears.

I fear I'm running out of days in my trial license and may have to escalate this to get a hard license instead of using the license server. Let me know if you need anything before I do (trace logs?).


Jim, could you please apply the steps mentioned in my last comment here One of our customer made such steps to adjust ZScaler software and it helps to resolve the issue.


My company is fairly large (almost 200000 employees) and I don't know where (or who) manages the ZScaler infrastructure. :(

I raised a support ticket with my internal I.T. and they managed to resolve my issue, however. I appreciate all of the help on this issue--thank you very much!


FYI: my laptop and workstation were both reworked with new certificates and the error has been fixed.


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