Uninstalling ReSharper tools from Visual Studio

Problem: you would like to remove a new ReSharper or dotTrace from Visual Studio to install e.g. ReSharper 8.x back, but Visual Studio still shows ReSharperPlatform/ReSharperUltimate/ReSharper installed.


Solution: To completely remove ReSharper tools from Visual Studio, please try the following:

  1. Run dotUltimate installer once again - do you have any products with status Repair? If so, please select Remove for them and select Skip for others.
  2. If there are no items with Repair action, please remove the following folder manually %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\{Visual Studio version}\Extensions\JetBrains
  3. If Visual Studio still thinks ReSharper is installed, try deleting the following Windows Registry branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\{VS version}_Config 
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It is not working. I have no option to repair anything so I deleted folder in the step 2 and when I run Visual Studio there is still resharper platform in the menu


Please submit a request to figure out what is going wrong.


yep, this does not work!

i cannot write code without ReSharper... please sort this out!



Hello Rupert, please submit a request to provide more details about your problem.


I have no ReSharper and wish to remove it but can not, I have no ReSharper in Control Panenl \ Uninstall and there is ReSharper extension in Visual Studio but uninstall button is grayed out :(

Removing folder from AppData does not give me desired result


If removing Visual Studio extension folder from AppData does not help, please try deleting the following Windows Registry branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0_Config - it will update Visual Studio plugin caches


Thanks a lot @Alexander.This sorted out my issue :)


Thanks Alexander.. your comments solved uninstalled the Resharper remnants successfully. back on track ..


Seriously? This is how to uninstall? 


Did this, ReSharper still shows as an installed program in Apps & features (Windows 10)


There's no such key under my HKEY_CURRENT_USER node. I'm using Windows 10 Enterprise.


I had Visual Studio 2017 Team Explorer and removed it later on. In my programs and features it still shows the Resharper instance installed under that version of VS.

Any ideas?


all these solutions doesn't work for me. I can't find these registry-keys. 

I want to completely uninstall resharper (installed it for one user) and want to reinstall it for all users.

After uninstall the installer shows me that there is an installation for a single user and I can't install it for all users...


I have the same problem. I can't find the registry-keys.

I reinstalled VS before I uninstall resharper. And maybe that is the reason when I'm trying to uninstall 2017.2.2 version of resharper it always failed. And there are two versions of resharper in my computer now. It is totally messed up.

Is there anyway to completely uninstall all reshaper? 


are you not able to provide a solution to completly uninstall resharper to be able to make a clean install?????


I'm having the same problem

when trying to uninstall resharper 8.2.1 i get error code 2503\2502

i've done all the above steps including deleting the reg key but still not working. 

why is it so hard to uninstall this ????



this fixed my problem!


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This kind of action should be reported cause in my books any software that refuses to uninstall is a MALWARE. I have lost all repsect for this company. I wasted nearly 2 hours trying to uninstall the TRIAL VERSION. Some cheap way of trying to sell products!!!!!


You can uninstall this product by nsing IOBIT uninstaller.

I did it just now with success.

How ever good a product may be there must be respect for the end user.

I was happy coding without this and I am sure I can proceed without this.

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As usual, NONE of the developer suggestions worked.

How I fixed it, is to search through the ENTIRE registry, deleting all keys named "JetBrains". Once these keys were cleared from the registry, that rogue entry disappeared.


This emphatically DOES. NOT. WORK.  I desperately need to uninstall ReSharper.  This is an under powered machine and ReSharper is KILLING it.  I've followed the instructions to the letter.  I deleted the JetBrains folders.  There were no registry keys as described.  No matter what I do, when I start visual studio 2017 or 2019, ReSharper is still installed.  The Toolbox does not how it's installed and I can find no other way to uninstall.  Please help!


@Diliupg the IOBIT uninstaller worked for me, thanks for that advise. It's really a bit strange that the JetBrains installation tool is not able to really remove ReSharper. Every other advise here didn't work for me..


I cannot uninstall ReSharper from Visual Studio 2019 and it is killing my performance.  How do I uninstall the trial from my machine.  The uninstall button is greyed out.  The things listed do not work, I do not have the key value mentioned.  Why do you make this so very hard to uninstall?????


Hello Jlpyne,


Could you please try the following steps:

1. Open %LocalAppData%\JetBrains\Installations\ folder;
2. Remove all the subfolders which names start with ReSharperPlatformVs;
3. Open "Programs and Features" applet of Windows' Control Panel;
4. Click uninstall for the ReSharper Ultimate record;
5. Windows will notify you that there is no uninstaller and will suggest removing the record.

Please let me know if it helps.

Thank you.


I uninstalled 1 of the 4 Resharper Ultimate installs I had normally.  The other 3 refused to leave peacefully.  I used the registry location HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\{VS version}_Config to find the actual install directory.  %LocalAppData%\Jetbrains  I deleted the folder, all 13.6 GB of it. I then deleted the registry hive for Jetbrains.

There were no traces of Jetbrains in %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\{Visual Studio version}\Extensions\ so I'm assuming the first uninstaller removed these which broke the other uninstallers.

I then found more Jetbrains folders in the following locations.  %AppData%\Jetbrains, %LocalAppData%\Temp\Jetbrains and deleted them.  i then ran a search of all instance of Jetbrains on my hard drive and deleted the last remnants.

I have also searched the registry of all instances of Jetbrains and removed them.  This cleared up the records in Programs and Features.

I feel pretty confident I have all Jetbrains products removed from my machine.  If anyone else is having the same issue I hope my findings help you in cleanly uninstalling.  It's sad this tool causes so much pain in both using and uninstalling.


This is unacceptable that it is impossible to easily uninstall this and will will probably result in me dropping my subscription.


I have uninstalled the extension using IObit uninstaller which is doing a great job. it showed me that 1000+ files were removed. I though that all cleaned it up but after all i checked VS 2019 installed extensions and this is still showing Resharper is installed. How do we remove this completely? 


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