How do I install ReSharper for All Users on current PC?

 Run the dotUltimate installer and click on the "Options" button: 


In some corporate environments, installations of programs into user profiles are not allowed. In this case, you can install the desired JetBrains .NET tool into the 'Program Files' folder and thus make them available for all users on the current machine. This installation mode is not compatible with existing installations in user profiles. That is, if there are any JetBrains .NET tools installed in user profiles, you need to uninstall them before installing into 'Program Files' and vice versa.

To generate a Command Line to install the products this way via CMD, tick "Administrative mode" checkbox as well.

For more information about Machine-Wide install, please refer to this Web Help article.

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I can't run installer as my normal user account, but need to do it as an admin account. However this admin account doesn't let me click this all users option. It is greyed out. Any advice as I can't get it to install for the user account I require.


Im having the same problem - just right click and do run as administrator, even though your already logged in as admin. 

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I had same issue, and "All users" was still disabled with "Run as administrator", even after my several attempts to completely wipe ReSharper. I went the other way: I generated the command line prompt with "Administrative Mode" and executed that on my user - and it worked.


I did follow what Ivan mentioned, but still it installed on local user profile. 


When the script execute did it install in common folder like C:/Program File...?

Is JetBrain team not monitoring this discussion? It would be great if they respond and help users.


Hello again everyone, turns out silent installation could not be done, so we made it an attended installation - but we still had the issues with the admin needs and found out the following:

1.  right click on installer, select properties and remove the block.

2.  then right click on installer again and run as admin (now the options will be enabled for setting "all user", etc.)

*** they said it is an intentional behavior, and if you open a CMD instance using elevated admin permissions, even if you are logged in as admin (it must be done regardless), then all options are available as well.

I have attached the silent install instructions i attempted to use to make a silent install but it did not work for all components so we made it an attended installation instead of a silent one.  Hope this help Good Luck

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Thanks a lot for providing detailed instructions. Though in my case "All Users" check box was disabled so I could not select it. and thus it did not install it in Program Files. I generated the command but "/PerMachine=True" option was missing there. So I manually added it and then it did install in Program Files.


If All Users is grayed out because there is already an installation for some user, you need to check the install log at:


To find what user was selfish enough to install it only for himself, and eliminate him


Lefteris was correct  that there was an entry, however, in my case it was the Default user being the culprit due to a previous install by the ADMIN. So even though I deleted the Admins local JetBrains directory from the original install attempt the All Users was grayed out, I found C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\JetBrains... I deleted the JetBrains directory and restarted the install (admin mode) and the All Users option was no longer greyed out. Moral: check all the users for Local\JetBrains.



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