AI Assistant authorization issues


If you have faced an authorization issue with AI Assistant, please try this workaround:

  1. go to the (Extensions) | ReSharper | Manage Options;
  2. right-click on the “This computer” layer and invoke the “Reset” in the context menu;
  3. in the "Reset" layer dialog, enable only the “Environment / JetBrainsAIOptions” checkbox and click OK (the screenshot is below);
  4. logout from JetBrains Account on the (Extensions) | ReSharper | Help | License Information dialog and restart Visual Studio;
  5. login back to JetBrains Account on the "License Information" dialog;
  6. open “AI Assistant” and there will be a Login/Connect/Retry button that should work.


For further investigation:

If these steps don't help, please collect and share logs with our support team for a more detailed analysis:

  1. select (Extensions) | ReSharper | Navigate | Go to Action;
  2. type logger /all;
  3. select the Licensing trace scenario (the screenshot is below) in the opened "Logger Configuration" window;
  4. enter JetBrains.ReSharper.AI in the "Custom namespace tracing" field;
  5. reproduce the issue;
  6. provide the log file (its location is specified at the top of the Logger Configuration tool window);
  7. don't forget to disable trace scenarios.



You can send the log file via (Extensions) | ReSharper | Help | Report a bug or Submit a Feedback dialog or via the Submit a request button in the right corner of this page.

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