ReSharper stopped working for a single specific solution

If ReSharper stopped working for a single specific solution (like, there is no Code Analysis, Navigation, Code Inspections, etc.), but works fine for the others, this might indicate that solution specific settings, as well as ReSharper caches are corrupted, and VS with ReSharper cannot rebuild them automatically for some reason.

In order to fix it, please try to remove the '<solution_name>.suo' file and '_<solution_name>.ReSharper' folder (located in the root directory of your current solution) and check if it helps to resolve the issue.

If you don't have these files/folders there, please use the 'Clear Caches' button in "ReSharper | Options | Environment | General" dialog.


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    Fixed the issue with ReSharper 8.2 and VS 2013 Update 2.

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    Brian Almond

    I was having an odd situation where "Run All Tests for Solution" (^UL) would fail, but it would open the Unit Test Sessions window with a session for all of the solution tests.  Oddly even though it failed, clicking on "Run All Tests" with the solution tests in a session would work!

    With VS 2013 Update 3 and Reshaper 8.2, removing the .suo files as suggested solved this problem.  Thanks!

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    Fixed my issue.  Although I only had a <solution\_name>.suo file and not the folder.  I am using ReSharper 8.2.3 and VS 2013 Update 3

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    Andrew Gray

    Didn't work for me. VS 2013 Update 4 with Resharper 9.  Solution builds but red methods and classes everywhere.

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    Ouassim Sadellah

    I tried everything here but still doesn't work me. it hangs at "processing source file"i am using VS 2013 Update 4 with Resharper 9.



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    This started happening for me in VS2013 latest versions of all. Only one simple cs class file has ReSharper completely disabled. All other documents work. Simply trying to generate constructors from properties... REALLY FRUSTRATING!!!

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    Jim Dunn

    I'm same as above! One .cs file has no R#. All the .aspx.cs files work great. Stinks!

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    suhas seenappa

    I have vs2013 with Resharper 8.2. Solution fails to build, really sad that it is decreasing my productivity. Come on give (demanding here as it very common all my team ) me a fix.(or give me upgrade license to 9.0, if you have fixed in 9)

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